Our Classes


This 60-minute class is a low-impact, full-body workout! You will work your core, arms, thighs and glutes to form a toned, strong body. All levels welcome and grippy socks required.


Our Barre Express class is perfect for those new to barre, or for anyone who wants a slightly shorter class! This 50-minute express class flies by, but not to worry, you’ll still get a great workout! This class is the same format as our classic Barre class, just condensed into 50 minutes. Grippy socks required.

cardio barre

Our Cardio Barre class is the perfect balance of strength and cardio! We’ve taken our classic Barre class and added cardio bursts throughout to keep your heart rate elevated and make you sweat! All levels welcome and grippy socks required.


Use your own bodyweight to challenge every muscle in our TRX Sculpt class! In this suspension training class, you will tone your muscles, increase your core strength, and improve your balance. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself - you can simply adjust your body angle to make any exercise harder or easier. All levels welcome and socks required.


Our kickboxing class is an innovative, exciting and athletic workout! This class takes a sports conditioning approach and combines punch and kick sequences with athletic and H.I.I.T. drills, for a multi-level, fun and heart-healthy workout.
We suggest wearing sneakers for this class.

Body Burn

Our Body Burn circuit class is here! This high intensity interval training class will make you sweat! In this class, we will alternate between rounds of strength exercises and cardio sets. Expect to increase muscle strength, improve your endurance and torch calories! Sneakers highly recommended.